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Volunteer with us if you have 2 hours to spare every week for two months.

Psychologists, Social workers, Marketing Professionals, Writers, Designers, Website developers, and professionals working in the field of education are preferred.

Students who have enrolled in higher education programs in the above subjects, based anywhere, are invited to apply!

We are looking for volunteers based in Cochin for the initiatives listed below!

Colorful Knitting


We aim to up-skill women from difficult backgrounds through our month long workshops focused on teaching skills like stitching and weaving of up-cycled materials.

If you are a trainer, designer, studying a related course or simply wish to volunteer, feel free to call us! 

Entrepreneurship support : Cake shop rebranding

We are helping a fifty year old beneficiary from Cochin glam up her decade old baking business.

We have our lovely volunteers contributing their services free of cost.

Branding and Promotional Services : Bleeko Enterprises

Contact us if you want to know more or

become a part of this initiative!

Baking Layout
Teacher Helping Student

Basic literary classes for uneducated young women

We are gearing up to offer basic literacy classes to young uneducated women.

Contact us if you want to pitch in!

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