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At Sthree, we are just trying to say,

Only 26 percent of women in India work. That is an embarrassingly low number for one of the highest populated countries in the world.

Marital rape is a crime. People attempting to rape need to be punished. It’s our responsibility to step up and help.

Trauma is not an excuse, it’s a state of mind that is created as a consequence of an extremely strong negative emotion.

All women should have the right to explore their options instead of settling for marriage “just because you’re a girl”.

Boys do cry.

A policeman cannot arrest a woman after 6 PM until 6 AM unless a lady do stable is around. Hearing that for the first time? We can tell you more!

Abuse happens to all sexes and they all need equal support and attention.

Sexual health needs to be discussed from an early age.

Depression is not a bout of bad mood that can be fixed by a bowl of ice cream.

Don’t be afraid to dream. If you want it bad enough, you’ll get it.

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