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Events at Sthree

Our events are aimed at creating awareness and help for mental health, education and legal. Please fill in the contact page for further details and enrolling for our events. 

Love Yourself

Mental Health Awareness

“Why are you going to therapy? Are you crazy?”
“It’s all in your head”, “this is how things work, you’re making excuses”


Do these statements sound familiar? 

People tend to hold on to conservative ideas when it comes to mental health issues.  According to WHO, 1 in every 8 people in the world live with a mental disorder. How much longer can we continue like this? Join us at Sthree, let’s work together to approach mental health related issues with compassion instead of contempt. 

We aim to inform, educate and raise awareness about the importance of mental health, and provide tips to maintain it.

Love Yourself
Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

Legal Rights Awareness

What are your rights as an Indian citizen? Contact us if you're interested to sign up for one of our awareness classes

Scholarship and Aid Help

Rhodes, Erasmus Mundus, Chevning and several other scholarships are quite easy to get to with the right amount of harwork and advice. The scholarship aid class will reveal some tips and tricks for your next application.

Image by MD Duran
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